Yew Greenhouse Sweet Pea Blend X West Coast Seeds

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Custom Yew Greenhouse Sweet Pea Blend from West Coast Seeds. The YEW GREENHOUSE BLEND is made up of two varieties of Sweet Peas, both chosen for their strong scent and soft colours. I love how sweet peas add texture and whimsy (and fragrance) to bouquets and I use them very often for that purpose. For that reason I chose muted varieties. I want them to compliment the florals around them regardless of what the colour palette is. The first is ‘High Scent’ . This variety has large, pure white flowers that blush at the edges and a intoxicating floral scent. The second is Jane Scott  which has large, pale ('emily pink') pink flowers with intense fragrance. Janet Scott is a famous old heirloom sweet pea that was first introduced by W. Atlee Bupee in 1903, (an ode to nostalgia).